Main Civil Constructions

In the period which Main Civil Constructions has been operating, the core workload has derived from a number of sources.

The work on the Rail Corridor involves Rebuilding Pedestrian Crossing and upgrading Level Crossing. Due to the high risk nature of this work and the safety and risks involved in working on the Rail Corridor, risk and project management is imperative.

Since early 2009 Main Civil branched beyond Rail work taking on a strong focus of Directional Drilling. We have since purchased 4 Directional drills of varying sizes and have been contracted by a number of large companies for Directional Drilling projects.

Main Civil is capable of getting the job done in high risk area. Examples of works include updating the infrastructure at the National Gallery in Central Melbourne to enable the running of optic fibre cable into the building, underground drilling within Melbourne’s CBD, alongside Etihad Stadium and the installation of 900mm OD pipe under the Melba Highway. High services and traffic areas such as these have been carried out with little disruption of traffic and no issues.

The Environment is of great concern to Main Civil Constructions and the use of sucker trucks is normal work practices to ensure that slurry from Directional Drilling is removed safety from work sites.

Future Direction

Main Civil is looking forward to not only expanding our company but also embedding quality systems to ensure a continued excellent service is provided.

Our aim is to provide ongoing training to staff and to continue to implement our business plan, reaching goals and achieving outcomes.

Looking forward, we envisage newer and bolder equipment to assist us to provide even more efficient services. Our logo and branding will become known nationally and we will seek accreditation status, ensuring confidence in all those who seek our services.